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Communicating Design

Design is everything. Everything! – Paul Rand

We totally agree! we love design, and we implement all of our passion into our work! Design is our passion and each project is customized to meet our client’s needs.   We offer a unique level of service and we treat each client as if they are the only one we have. 

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Mod Media Group is a full service design firm that works on all aspects of Design, Branding, Adverting and Marketing for clients worldwide.   

With over 16 years of experience, our team is not only creative and innovative, but also reliable and responsive.  We can work on projects from concept to print, and we offer creative and print management services for any projects.  We believe continuing education is important to be able to provide our clients the highest level of services, and we keep up with the latest design software and hardware.


Design is everywhere, WE LOVE IT and we want to use it to help you!  Our creative team will turn ideas into tangible awesomeness! 



Our web design team will help you build a website that represents YOU.  We will learn about your brand, your competition, your field and your business needs to develop a website you love and is successful.



We can help you develop your Brand Identity, so you can successfully communicate your message to your customers.


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